What is the difference between plans?

At zkipster, we offer Single Event (pay-per-event) and Subscription (seasonal or annual) plans.

Pay-per-Event users can upgrade to a subscription plan at any time. All features included within each plan are listed on the Pricing Page. If you are unsure which is the right plan for you, contact zkipster's client relations team.

Subscription Plans

zkipster subscription plans require a seasonal or annual commitment. Based on the plan, subscriptions allow:

  • Unlimited Events during the subscription
  • No Guests Limit
  • Access to Professional features like Seating and Invitations (Professional & Enterprise plans)
  • Dedicated Onboarding and Training
  • Support via online channels and phone (for Professional and Enterprise plans)

Subscription is available to the Basic, Professional and Enterprise plan. To learn more about available features within each plan, refer to our Plan & Pricing page or get in touch with our client relations team via the live chat or email sales@zkipster.com 

Single Event Plans

Single Event or Pay-per-Event users can choose from three different single event plans at the time of purchase. Pay-per-Event plans do not include on-boarding and training. Single event users have access to our Help Center articles, Webinars and online support- accessible from the question mark icon in the bottom right corner. Available single event plans are:

  • Starter Event: guest check-in with a guest limit of 250 main guests and unlimited guest lists.
  • Basic Event: guest check-in with a guest limit of 750 main guests and guest picture sourcing
  • Professional Event: unlimited guest and professional features like custom invitations and seating charts

Starter and Basic Single Events have an event run time of 72 hours from the event Start Date and time; Professional Single Events have a run time of one week (i.e. 7 days) from the event Start Date and time. For more features and capabilities included with each plan, visit our Single Event Pricing page.

Please note, with Single Event Plans, once purchased and created, events cannot be deleted. Few more things to keep in mind:

  • The Event date and start time cannot be edited after the event has begun
  • Editing event details, guest lists, guest details, and event access remains possible until 72 hours after the event
  • Pay-per-Event accounts come with an upload freeze. This feature disables guest name upload once an event has ended
  • Pay-per-event users cannot delete events from their account
  • Pay-per-event accounts have no expiration date and are indefinitely accessible

Free zkipster Account

zkipster free account allows testing all available features within an event. The test account includes access to professional features like invitations and seating and allows to include up to 25 guests to your test event. Sign up for a Free zkipster Account or reach out to our client relation team with questions.

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