Installing the 710 & 720 series Printer on your Computer

The first step in connecting the printing feature is to install the relevant software for the printer on the computer.

To ensure that first time setup is correct and easy, it's recommended to closely follow the instructions for printer installation by Brother.

Brother has different drivers for each compatible label printer. Visit the Brother website and download the driver software, click: for the 710 model and for the 720 model. From those pages click:

  2. Select operating system
  3. Download the Printer Drive
  4. Download the Printer Setting Tool

Some tips for an easier install:

  • Only plug the printer in via USB when the Brother instructions tell you to.
  • Make sure the power cord is properly inserted.
  • To benefit from Brother’s 24/7 support service we suggest that you download the Brother iPrint and Label App on your iPad.

Go to this link to download the driver, wireless setup from the Brother website. You will most likely be prompted to download Java as well while going through the set up on the desktop.

Installing the 810 & 820 Series Printers

The 810 & 820 series are the newest printers from Brother and are extremely easy to set up. These printers allow for a quick connection via bluetooth or WiFi and do not require installing any software. A few things to note:

Click here for the 810 series or here for 820 series. The set up should be fairly straight forward but keep these items in mind:

  • When connecting by WiFi, sign into the WiFi on the printer and then make sure the iPad is connected to the same WiFi network.
  • When connecting via bluetooth it's only possible to connect one device to the printer at a time.
  • It's recommended to use WiFi connection for best results and to use no more than two devices connected to one printer at a time.

Connecting the Printer to the iPad

Now that the printer driver software is installed onto the computer, make sure that the iPad is connected to the same wireless network as the printer.

Please note it's possible to change the printer’s wireless network via the Printer Settings tool.

  1. Open the zkipster app
  2. Select the event with the printing feature
  3. The printer icon will display in the bottom left corner of the zkipster app
  4. Tap this icon to open a green menu.
  5. Click Select Printer
  6. Tap this to select the Brother Label printer.
  7. Lastly, tap Detect Format to automatically register the paper roll size which you have inserted into the printer.

Once the printer is connected the printer name and detect format will be in green from the Printer Settings page on the zkipster app.

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