Automated Printing when a Guest is Checked-in

When using zkipster's Name Badge Printing feature, printing can happen automatically with each check-in. It's also possible to manually print labels while the app is set to Auto Print.

Auto Print will be set to on by default. To turn Auto Print on or off:

  1. Open the printer menu by tapping the printer icon at the bottom left of the guest list
  2. The bottom of the menu will read Trigger
  3. Flick the Auto Print capability on or off

If Auto Print is turned off, no labels will be printed at check-in unless they are done manually. Instructions on manual printing is below.

Manually Printing Name Badges in zkipster

To manually print labels select a guest from the guest list, and the printer icon to the right the Guest's Name will allow for a manual print of the Name Badges.

Please Note: If printing name tags out before an event is required, clicking into each guest from the guest list on the app and clicking manual print will be the best way to accomplish this with zkipster. 

Printing Name Tags for Additional Guests

In order to print a name tag for an additional guest, there are two options:

  1. Add the additional guest with the + icon at the top right of the app-interface. Once added to the system, they can have a nametag printed specifically for them.
  2. Add the Custom Field for "Guest's Names" to the Name Badge set up and manually print out additional name tags from the Main Guest details.
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