The main event dashboard is where you can see your past and upcoming events, create a new event and delete an event. You can access the dashboard at any time by clicking on the zkipster logo at the top left of the screen.

Please Note: Only Account Owners can create new events when using zkipster on a Pay-Per-Event basis. If you log in and do not see the option to "Create Event," you have been assigned a role by your Account Owner and will have to contact them to purchase and create a new event.

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

Find step-by-step information in the sections below.

Create Event

From the event dashboard click on Create Event. To navigate to the main event dashboard click on the zkipster logo at the top left of the screen.

Adding Event Details

  1. Select Type of Event
  2. Name Event
  3. Enter Location – Please Note: The location will autofill or type in manually below.
  4. Select Start and End Date for Event
  5. Select Time Zone. Important to select the right time zone as this affects all event data during check-in.
  6. Upload Logo and Flyer – Please Note: Files must be smaller than 2 MB. The flyer and logo will display on the top right of the mobile app when checking in guests

Professional Features

Professional single event and professional annual plan have access to zkipster's special features, like dynamic seating, custom online invitations, and name badge printing. In this section, you can turn any of the special features On.

Delete Event

To delete an event, click on the trash can icon on the right of the event. A warning message will show on your screen confirming you permanently want to delete this event together with the data available within the event.

Please note, Pay-per-event users can not delete past events. 

Edit Event

To edit an event, from the event dashboard, click on Event Settings from the left side menu and choose Edit Event. Users can change the name of the event, event date and time (pay-per-event users cannot make changes to the event date once the event start date is in the past), and toggle any of the special features on.
From the Event Settings, users can also add team members to the event and print guests' pictures. This article shows how to add team members to your event, and here you can learn more about the picture sourcing feature.

You can view zkipster's plans and pricing options on our Pricing Page. Or contact our Client Relations team for help choosing the right plan and/or upgrading an event:

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