There are a few different areas where zkipster provides insights on the status of invites, forms and guest statuses. In this article, we will cover where this information is available on what it means for the zkipster user.

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Q: Where do I find the RSVP or Guest Status once a Guest has confirmed, declined, etc. for an event?

A: There are two places in zkipster where users will see the status of the guest and the status of the answers given through the RSVP form. The overall status view of all guest lists and RSVPs are found from the Guest List view:

Clicking on the Guests tab from the left-hand menu will display all of the guest lists and specific RSVP statuses across those lists. The Guest List view will display how many guests are Unconfirmed, Confirmed, Declined and Checked-in for both individual lists and the total across all lists combined.

It's possible to also click into a specific list and filter by the different guest statuses from there. GIF below shows how this looks in zkipster:

Q: What about confirmations and declines on the form?

A: The reporting of Confirms and Declines on a form are available when clicking directly into an invite that has been sent from the invitations tab. Once on the invites reporting page there will be a toggle at the top right that switches back and forth between the invite reporting and form reporting.

The form reporting will display all of the Confirmed and Declined submissions for this specific form. Use the filter drop down to filter by one or the other, and the search bar to search for a specific guest. For more comprehensive reporting on the status of all guests across all invites see the Guest List section above. This GIF will show what getting to the form reporting looks like.

Q: What about email reporting on opens and clicks? And what do I do about bounces?

A: As shown in the section above, zkipster enables users to see all of the invites stats by clicking directly into any invite that has been sent. By clicking on the Invitations tab on the left hand menu, and then clicking into the specific invitation, the user is presented with delivery and bounce stats. Some important items to note:

  • Opens are determined after a specific image code is opened in a guest's inbox. If they open the email and this code isn't triggered because of a block or restriction on their sever that specific open won't count in the stats.
  • Click means the guest clicked through to the RSVP form
  • Guests missing emails will be captured here and easily updated from this reporting page
  • Filter and Export the email stats with the grey drop downs
  • Bounces will have a specific message indicating why the bounce happened. This article will go over all the reasons a bounce can happen and also what actions to take

It's very easy to update any missing or bounced emails for guests by clicking on their specific entry, and it will open up the Guest Overview page where the email can be updated. Once clicking save the user is brought right back to the invitations reporting page. This article has more details on updating and resending emails from this section as well.

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