It is possible to upgrade your Basic Event to a Professional Event on the Single Event (Pay-per-Event) plan via the Main Event screen of the account in the browser interface.

Below are some reasons why zkipster users might need to upgrade their events to the Professional level:

  • Need to add more than 750 Main Guests
  • Need to access Professional features such as Invitations, Seating, Custom Check-in Messages and Name Badge Printing

How to Upgrade your Basic Single Event

Access the Main Event screen by clicking on the zkipster logo on the top left of the account screen.

An orange 'Upgrade' button will appear next to all active Basic Single Events:

Please Note:
Basic Monthly and Basic Annual plans cannot upgrade to Professional for one single event. However, you can upgrade your Basic to a Professional subscription by contacting your regional Account Manager in zkipster's Client Relations team.

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