Congratulations! You took the first step in simplifying the tasks that should not be taking up all your time, freeing you up to concentrate on more pressing matters. 

To get started with zkipster, we recommend familiarizing yourself with all the features to make the most of what we have to offer and to keep things running smoothly on the event.

I assume that by now you have signed up for an account. If you need any help, click on the chat icon and someone from the team will be happy to help.

Let's get started then...

Create your Event

Click on 'Create Event' and enter the details setting the name, location and time. You can also upload a logo and flyer that will be visible in the app. 

If you have opted for a Test-Drive or a Professional event, here you can turn on Invitations, Seating and Name Badge Printing.

Read a more detailed guide here

Watch this tutorial video for an overview:

Upload your Guest List

Create your first Guest List and add your first guest! You can do this individually or, if you have a list prepared, you can use our importer with CSV or XLSX files. 

Read our more detailed guide here.

Download the App

Once you have uploaded your first guest list, download the zkipster app on your phone or tablet to make sure you are ready for the event. You can search for zkipster in the app or Play store depending on which device you have. If you are running a seated event, you will need an iPad. If you are reading this on your device, Apple users can click here and Android users can click here.

Invite your team

zkipster is better shared! You can invite new users from the 'Account Settings' > 'Team Members page. Simply enter their email address, set their role and click on invite. Once you have invited them, remember to add them to your event and make sure they install the app.

Read our more detailed guide here.

Invite, Remind or Thank your guests

You can make use of our Invitations function to build on brand emails and forms if you are inviting, reminding or even post-event to say thanks for coming. A simple, but powerful email and form composer makes it headache-free. 

Read our more detailed guide here.


If your event is seated, you can use our Seating function to upload your floor plan, set the table layout and seat all your guests. Once you are done, you can download and print the whole floor plan or table by table. 

Read our more detailed guide here.

Here is our Getting Started Webinar that you can also watch:

This should help you in getting started. If you have any questions or need some help, click on the chat icon, send us a message and someone from the team will be happy to help.

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