The email composer allows you to completely tailor the look and feel of your invitation to your brand and event! You will always start off with a blank template which you can customise as needed:

Please Note:  Always remember to save any edits or changes that you make to your invitation email while editing the content via the orange 'Save Changes' button at the top right corner:

Customizing Each Email Composer Section


Background Color

Customize the color of the two background sections, 'Background Color 1' and 'Background Color 2', of your email. If you have your own color code paste them into the color section (zkipster works in the HEX color code format).

Background Image

For your Background Color 1, you can alternatively choose to upload an image file to sit in the background of your email invitation. Please remember that the maximum file size is 5MB.

Important: Note that when adding a background image, it will always be up to the individual email client of your guest (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) to render it according to the screen size. Most clients will repeat the image to fill in the background if the image is smaller than the available screen size.

With that in mind, it is usually better to go for larger images that make sense from any viewpoint- do not rely on fine detail or particular objects inside the picture to be visible, for instance. Generally, it is advisable to go for patterned and broader images in this option.


Upload your company logo or an event banner here. Please note that the maximum image file size allowed is 5MB. Feel free to give it an internal label ('Logo', 'Banner', 'Flyer', etc.), if you wish.

Following the upload, you can decide whether you want the file to display in full width or a specific custom size (your image file will then be symmetrically scaled up or down accordingly). You can further choose the alignment of your image (Left, Center, Right).

Some other things to keep in mind for your invitation image files:

  • The system only accepts GIF, JPG and PNG formats. Using GIF files can enliven emails a little more and look great presentation wise!
  • Different image formats are better for different image types
    )  For very simple images (1-2 colors, no text), GIF is the most efficient format
    ) For most graphics, like banners, flyers, illustrations, PNG is the best format but a bit less efficient when it comes to file size optimization
    III.) For photos, JPG is the best format by far for efficiency and sampling
    A mistake that is often made is that graphics that include text are saved as JPG as most of the text or sharp lines between elements then get "pixelated".
    This article gives great detail on the different file types and recommendations for which file type to save your image as.
  • Your images will be displayed at 570 px width max. in the final email. This is to ensure the highest email deliverability and additionally guarantees that recipients will be able to open it on their mobile devices. There are not strict width and height restrictions for your original file as such (as long as you keep within the 5MB limit). However, once uploaded you will not be able to adjust the custom size any larger than 570px width.
  • Be careful with text on your main image. The more text you have on an event flyer or main banner image, the greater the chance that the details will not be displayed as clearly after uploading it into the system. Use the Body Text section to provide your event information, if possible.

You can additionally link your image directly to your response form (if working with the Email and Responses Form template) or an external web address:

Switch the 'Link Image' toggle to ON and choose 

  • 'Form', if you want to allow your guests to be taken to the response form directly when clicking on the image (instead or in addition to the RSVP button).
  • 'Web Address (URL)', if you want your guests to be navigated to an event landing page, your company website, etc.


Here you can add your event text and details as well as hyperlinks. zkipster always recommends to have text accompany any images in your online invitations as this greatly improves the deliverability of your emails and prevents them from falling into spam.

The Rich Text Editor enables you to:

  • Change the font, style, size and color of your text
  • Introduce horizontal lines across your text
  • Amend the text alignment to left, right or center
  • Add bullet or numbered lists
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Enable Right to Left writing (to support Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL writing systems)

Pro Tip: Use dynamic guest and event tags to personalize your form content!
The automated tags dynamically pull the information from the relevant guest fields so that when you add items like their guest name, seating assignments, company name or any other relevant information contained in the guest fields it will display in the email body. Personalizing the body text of your invitation will additionally help with the deliverability of your emails.

If you are familiar with HTML, you further manipulate the source code of your invitation email to your specific needs via the '< >' symbol in the Body Text menu!

QR Code

You have the option to add a QR code to your email, which you can use to check in your guests at your event (even though you can also use it for other purposes). Find out how to set up your QR codes on your invitation and how this feature works in zkipster in more detail here.


You can completely customize the look of your RSVP button via the Button tab. In this section, you can change the:

  • Button Text
  • Font, Style, Size, Text Color and Letter Spacing of your button text
  • Background Color
  • Width an Height of the button and whether it should have rounded corners

Please note: If your are working with the Email and Responses Form template, the corresponding form is the only item that will be linked through this button.

However, if you are using the Standalone Email template without a response form attached you can choose to have the button link to:

  • A standalone response form
  • An external website or landing page

Alternatively, you can also turn the button to OFF altogether (if you are sending out a Save the Date email or Thank You note, for example).

Social Share Icons

You can add social media icons to your email which will lead guests to your event or company social media pages:

  • Icon Settings: Choose which social media icons you would like to include and insert the links to the corresponding social media pages. Re-arrange the order they appear in if needed.
  • Icon Design: Customize the alignment, size, and color of the your social media icons as you see fit your your invitation design:

Duplicating and Reordering of Email Composer Sections

Duplicating Image and Text Sections

The system will provide you with one 'Image' and one 'Text' section by default. However, each image and text section can easily be duplicated in case you need more than one of those items on your invitation email!

Simply hover with your cursor over the respective tab your want to copy for the Duplicate icon to appear:

Reordering Image and Text Sections

Apart from the 'Email Setup', 'Background' and 'Plain Text' tabs, which are locked, all sections of the email composer are movable and can be reordered as needed.

To rearrange the order of your invitation email elements, simply hold your cursor down on one specific section and drag it to your desired location:

For each section it is further possible to define a top margin in order to allow for different spacing between the sections in case they are being reordered (the default margin is 20px):

Plain Text Version

Turning this option on enables you to send a stripped down HTML version of the email text to guests who have strong firewalls on their email servers, such as government or banking institutions.

Sync your invitation body text via the 'Sync from HTML' option, add any additional event details as needed and also make sure to include further information on how your guests can get a hold of you to manually RSVP to your event:

Sending a Test Email to Check your Invitation Design

We strongly encourage you send yourself a test email during the design process of your online invitation to check that you are happy with the look and feel of final invitation. You can find this option at the top of your Email Builder - more details on this here.

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