To use the Share a Table feature, please contact the Client Relations team to activate your access to the Beta feature.

Please Note: Share a Table is in Beta stage and you may encounter glitches while working with the feature. We will continue to improve the feature based on your feedback and suggestions. If you would like to share your thoughts please contact us at

Before you read on, check out our case study on the Lincoln Center virtual gala to see how they used Zoom integration and Share a Table in zkipster.

What is Share a Table?

zkipster's Share a Table function allows collaborating with external partners and event stakeholders to seat and manage guest seats at events. Using a shareable link, you can invite outside contributors to place guests to specific seats and add these guests to a guest list.


To create a shareable link, start by building your floor plan and tables. For more information on how to set up your plan and tables, refer to How to build a floor plan article here.

1. Getting Started

To begin, from the 'Table Settings' click on the share icon.

To create the link, use the Share Table button in the Active Shares screen. Once you have created a link, this and all active links associated with the table will show in the ‘Active Shares’ list. There is no limit for the number of links you can create associated to the same table.

In this screen, you can set up the name of the link, set up the guest list and limit the number of seats associated with the link:

  • Provide a name for the link. You can have multiple active links associated with the same table so make sure to assign a name that gives a clear indication about the purpose of the link. 

  • Select the guest list where guests will register after being seated. Guests seated via Share a Table are added as new guests to your event. 

  • Allow Seating: select which seats to be included with the link. This can be all seats on the table or include only specific seats. 

  • The expiration date for the link (optional). 

  • Required guests’ information for the table and event registration. You can select any fields available in your event. 

Once you generate the link, you can use the email option and send directly from here or use the copy button and share it outside of zkipster. You can also set up automated reminders before the link expiration date. 

5. The Active Shares screen
Once created, the link will be available in the Active Shares screen. You can view the link by clicking on the icon next to the sharing link name. To edit or delete an active link use the pencil or trash can icons respectively.

When you share the link via zkipster, your recipient(s) will receive an email with invitation to access the table and seat guests.

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