How to Account for +1s using Relationships

Find out how to allocate additional guests to your main guest profiles for RSVP purposes using zkipster's Relationships feature

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The Relationships feature allows you to define relationships between guests that are part of the same event and can be used to let guests RSVP on behalf of their related guests (as well as show connections between guests on the seating plan).

This comes in especially handy if you want to collect your main guests' +1s information ahead of your event and send unique QR codes to the additional guests using zkipster's Invitations feature, available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels.

In order to do this, a few steps are necessary. In short, you will need to

  1. Create placeholder or 'dummy' guest profiles for the additional guests on your guest list spreadsheet

  2. Define the relationship(s) between the main guests and their additional guests

  3. Configure the invitation to allow main guest to RSVP on behalf of their +1s

You can see each individual step described in more detail below.

Please note: The 'Total Guests' field can alternatively be used to account for additional guests during the RSVP process and on your guest list, but if you want to collect the +1s' detailed guest information and treat them as an individual guest record, we highly recommend using the method explained in this article here and uploading everyone with a 'Total Guests' count of '1' (Main Guest Only).

Creating Placeholder or 'Dummy' Guest Profiles for the Additional Guests and Defining Relationship(s)

In order to allow your main guest to submit RSVPs with their +1 information using Relationships, you first need to create 'dummy' guest profiles for the additional guests and relate them to the Main Guest. You can do that via your guest list spreadsheet, before you import it into zkipster (though it is also possible to still do this manually afterwards following the import).

First, decide on the number of additional guests your main guest is allowed to bring to the event and include a row on your spreadsheet for each +1.

For example: If your main guest can bring up to two additional guests to your event, you need to include two rows of generic guest names and also include unique External IDs for each of them in order to be able to relate them to the Main Guest.
In the screenshot below, for instance, John Doe is the main guest and he can bring two additional guests to the event. We included two rows with the generic names 'John Doe Guest' - each of John Doe's guests has a unique External ID that is being used to relate them back to him as the main guest, plus the type of relationship that defines their connection ('Additional Guest').


If you want to learn more about how to relate guests via your spreadsheet before importing them into zkipster, please click here.

Once you have uploaded your guest list file, guest profiles will have been created both for your main guest as well as their additional guests. You will be able to double check if you have correctly related them to each other on your spreadsheet by looking at the guest records - either from the Guest Lists view (via the 'Relationships' column) or directly from the guests' profiles.

Configuring the Invitation to Allow Main Guests to RSVP on Behalf of their +1s

Once you have created those placeholder or 'dummy' guest profiles for your main guest's additional guests and related them using the instructions outlined above, you can send an invitation to your main guest and set up your form allowing them to RSVP on behalf of their +1s.

To enable the RSVP button(s) for the related guest(s) on the response form, just click into the 'Relationships' section of the Landing Page and/ or Success Page composer tab/s and switch the toggle to 'ON'.

Please click here to learn more about how to configure the RSVP button(s) for related guests.

Once your main guest submits the RSVP on behalf of their additional guests by updating the first and last name information plus any other required guest details (you can prompt them in your invitation email accordingly to remember to replace the placeholder information with the actual +1 names), the generic profiles will be updated with the details provided by your main guest:

Sending Confirmation Emails to Additional Guests

On each response form, the response field for 'Email' is locked by default. If you wish to be able to to send (auto) confirmation emails to the additional guests once their related main guest has RSVPed on their behalf, you must unlock the 'Email' field - this will allow the main guest to insert the additional guest's email address and for the auto confirmation email to be sent to the +1(s) once the form is submitted.

You can unlock the 'Email' field by clicking into it via the 'Composer' tab of your Form Page (under 'Response Fields') and switching the 'Locked' toggle to 'OFF':

You can additionally send the +1s' confirmation email to the main guest who has RSVPed on their behalf. In order to do this, simply open the 'Settings' of the auto confirmation email and tick the checkbox that says: "If a guest submits a form on behalf of a related guest then send confirmation email to both guests."

Once the main guest submits the RSVP on behalf of their related additional guests, they will then also receive the +1s' confirmation email (in addition to the additional guest themselves).
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