zkipster is constantly evolving to deliver a flawless, reliable and elegant solution for your events. With that in mind, we are happy to give you a preview of our major upcoming releases for 2023 that will enhance your guest experience even further.

In summary, our 2023 Product Roadmap includes the following releases:

  • Audience

  • SMS Invitations

  • Payments


Audience will allow users to save guest lists of unique guest details on the account level on a powerful guest database. It will come especially handy for when you have guests that are invited to more than one event in your account, making it easier for you to manage guest across multiple events.

SMS Invitations

zkipster users can already send guests a text message during check-in with our Check-in Message feature. It will now be possible to send invitations via SMS and WhatsApp! You can send option to send guests invitations, Save the Date, reminders and other communication you might need via multiple channels, as preferred by your guests, prior to your event.

This unlocks another channel of communication between you and your guest, on top of the already existing Invitations feature.


This feature will allow users to collect payments by connecting your Stripe account to your zkipster account. You'll be able to send secure payment links to guests for any event purpose that you need. This comes in handy if you organise ticketed events, if you sell tables or to collect auction bids from guests.

Learn more about some of our 2022 releases:

- Teams and Permissions

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