The zkipster app is supported on iOS and Android devices only and we recommend having the latest Operating System (OS) running on your devices for better performance. zkipster users can log into as many devices as needed for an event. The Seating feature is only supported on iPads and Android Tablet, not on iPhones or Android mobile phones.

For a better experience using zkipster Seating via the app, we recommend using devices with resolutions higher than 1024px.

Please check the recommendations below for device types and specifications to be aware of.

Below is a list of iOS devices that can operate with the zkipster app, as well as recommendations for the devices that will give the best performance. zkipster is only supported on iOS 12 and higher. For a flawless experience, we recommend using iOS devices that are up to three years old and running the latest iOS 16.2

Supported iPhones

Supported iPads

Recommended Android Devices for zkipster

To run the zkipster app on an Android operating system, the minimum supported OS needed is Android 10.0 (Quince Tart), but we recommend using a device running the latest Android 13.0 (Tiramisu).

Please note: Devices with older operating systems won’t be supported and offered zkipster app updates.

Kindle Fire, Chromebook, Microsoft Surface tablets, and other non-Android devices are also not supported.

For performance recommendations and best practices at event check-in please read this article.

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