Product Updates

We'll let you know what's new and improved in zkipster!

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Tutorial Videos

Explore our helpful, short explainer videos to get you up to speed with zkipster quickly!

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Getting Started with zkipster

Get the most out of zkipster with our Self-Onboarding Guides

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Virtual and Hybrid Events with zkipster

All you need to know about creating virtual and hybrid events by connecting your Zoom account to zkipster

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Event Preparation

All you need to know about creating an event, importing guests and managing your guest list

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zkipster Guest Check-in

Learn about guest check-in on the app, recommended devices and best practice rules

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zkipster Sessions and Capacity Management

Everything you need to know on how to run breakout sessions with zkipster

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zkipster Invitations

Learn how to design your online invitations and collect guest responses

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Guest Relationships

Get the most out of your guest list by defining the relationships between your guests

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zkipster Seating

How to plan and manage your event floor plan with zkipster on the browser and app

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zkipster Name Badge Printing

Everything on how to set up name badges, compatible paper options as well as desktop and on-site printing

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Event Reporting

Learn where to find and download your post-event report in zkipster

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Account Settings

Find out how to manage your zkipster account and team members

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Turn repetitive tasks into easy automatic workflows that are more secure and more accurate

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Everything you need to know about the features offered in our Enterprise Plan

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zkipster Plans and Pricing

Learn more about available plans in zkipster

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zkipster Events & COVID-19

Use zkipster to create safe "COVID-19 ready" events

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