What Is Domain Whitelabeling?

This process allows zkipster to send emails on your behalf so they look like they are coming from you directly, with no mention of zkipster’s address.

Not only does it looks clean and tidy in the guest’s inbox, but this also minimizes the chance of the email invitation falling into junk as the filters don’t pick up zkipster as an intermediary tool.

What Does Whitelabeling a Domain Look Like?

Non Verified Domain and Email Address

This is what it looks like if you do not whitelabel a domain:

  • Still sends from worldsbest.events
  • Higher chance of being flagged or blocked by guest servers

Verified Domain and Email Address

This is what it looks like if you did whitelabel a domain:

  • Clean clear look and feel in guest's inbox
  • Higher deliverability as zkipster is now sending emails on behalf of your server

How to Set Up Your Domain and Email in zkipster

To send invitations from your own sender email, you must first verify the email domain before you can verify the sender email. We do this to ensure the highest deliverability and reputation of the emails being sent from our servers.

It is a one-time setup but will require the help of your IT team or an administrator with access to the email server.

Simply follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Account Settings and click on 'Domain Setup'
  2. Enter the email domain you want to verify (the domain is the part following the @ sign)
  3. zkipster will generate the CNAME Records that should be added to the DNS file of your domain. On the top of the page you will be given the option to email these to your IT administrator together with instructions
  4. Once verified, 3 green check marks will appear next to each record

You can then go ahead and verify the sender emails associated with this domain:

  1.  Input the full sender email you wish you to use. A verification email is sent to that email address from zkipster so this must be a real inbox. You can have more than one sender email associated with the account
  2. Click the verification link and log back into zkipster when requested
  3. Once the email is verified, a green check mark will appear and the verified email will be available in the drop-down for 'Sender Email' on invitations

You might experience a delay in domain verification, this is not unusual. DNS records can take up to 48h to fully propagate through the Internet. Usually this only takes a few minutes, but can take a maximum of 48h.If your IT administrator has carried out the correct steps and you still don't see a change after a few hours please email support@zkipster.com and the Support team will investigate.  

What if I Do Not Have an IT or Email Administrator?

If you do not have a dedicated IT team you most likely did have someone that helped set up your domain for website and emails. If possible, reach out to the team that helped set up your domain.

Otherwise, there are resources online on how to find the DNS records for domains. Google your domain name and DNS records to find the specific resources related to how to set up the DNS records. This link from our 3rd party partner Sendgrid shows how to whitelabel GoDaddy and Hover domains.

One helpful tip if you are trying to verify your domain on GoDaddy:

The information you need to enter varies from DNS provider to DNS provider - while some require you entering the full domain, GoDaddy just requires the subdomain.

If you are having trouble verifying your domain on GoDaddy, instead of entering:

Try to enter the Host section as in the example below (highlighted in red):

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