How to Forward Campaigns to Newly Added Guests

Find out how to easily forward invitations when you are required to add new guests to your existing guest list

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zkipster makes it very easy for you to forward campaigns to newly added guests that you have either uploaded on top of an existing guest list via your spreadsheet, or added manually to your event. 

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

Find step-by-step information in the sections below.

Add To or Replace Existing Guests

When adding your new guests, the system will prompt you with two pop-up notifications.

The first window will ask you whether you want to replace your list of existing guests with those new additions, or add them to your list on top of your guests that are already in the system:

Please Note: Please never replace your existing guests if an RSVP campaign has already gone out to that guest list. You will erase the live link between the email and response form, thus corrupting all existing campaigns, by deleting the associated invitation token on the system for each guest! Once a campaign has gone out, you should only add to your existing list and de duplicate the excel beforehand (as zkipster does not de duplicate your guest data). 

Forward Existing Invitations 

The second window will ask you whether you want to forward any existing campaigns that have already been sent to the guest list you have added your guest/s to. You can choose whether you want to:

     a) Import Only
     b) Import And Forward

When choosing option b), select which campaign you would like to forward to your newly added guest/s by ticking the relevant check box next to the campaign name. Then click on the 'Import And Forward' button to send your campaign emails.

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