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QR Codes & Reorderable sections in emails
QR Codes & Reorderable sections in emails

Version 5.50.0 March 19 2019

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We're hoping you are as impressed with our new release as we are. We've added QR Code generation into invites meaning guests can show you their invitation or confirmation email when they arrive for you to scan and check them in within seconds, no more manually searching the guest list. You can also now change the order of the email sections giving you much more flexibility when building you invites, reminders or thank you emails.

New Features

  • QR Codes for Emails: QR codes are included by default for confirmation emails, but can be enabled for any email. QR codes can be created in two ways: Auto-generated with a zkipster-specific ID that allows the zkipster mobile apps to scan and uniquely identify each guest, or defined with a custom text value for other purposes (like integrating with a different system, defining a vCard, and many other uses).

  • Reorderable Email Sections: The order of email sections is now fully customizable, allowing any section to be reordered and the spacing between sections to be customized as desired.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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