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Seating colours & printing options
Seating colours & printing options

Version 5.1.0 Aug 27 2018

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This update is part two of the overhaul to the seating & floorplan tools, and includes some powerful new tools for printing and sharing your work, along with a number of other general improvements outside of seating. If you haven't caught up on the changes to seating, take a look at the release notes for part one.

New Features: General

  • Guest List Workflow: After editing a guest and pressing the browser back button or making changes, you'll be returned to the guest list you were browsing before.

  • Picture Sourcing: Basic Subscriptions now have picture sourcing included on your plans.

  • RSVP Email Address Verification: Can now be made by any user without needing to be logged in.

  • New Custom Field Type (Color): In the guest fields section and on the default guest fields under account settings, you can now create a new type of custom field with the "Color" type. This new field is a dropdown that allows you to associate a color to options used on seating printing.

New Features: Seating

  • More Seating Colors: You can now pick from 20 different colors to use in your seating charts.

  • Improved Overview: The seating overview section is now called Overview & Printing and now includes a side menu with customization options for what elements you see in the overview screen.

  • Printable Overview: Generates a PDF of exactly what the overview screen looks like, based on the elements you choose to display, in the selected size and orientation. The floorplan now takes all the available page space according to the size selected.

  • Printable Individual Tables: Available under "More PDF Options" from the overview & printing section, this layout has 2 distinct print modes:

  • Individual tables with guest list on the side

  • Individual tables with guest names within the table, that can support up to 4 tables per page

  • Printable Guest List: Also available from the "More PDF Options", this layout prints the list of seated guests and respective tables, according to your defined size and orientation. Seat numbers and +1s can also be optionally included, as well as sorting by first or last name.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Removed the Salesforce importer

  • Miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements

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