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How to Upload and Use Custom Fonts
How to Upload and Use Custom Fonts

Find out how to use custom fonts in zkipster forms

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zkipster Enterprise users can upload their own custom or preferred font styles on invitation response forms. These can be used to customize headers, footers and response field labels.

Uploaded fonts will only be available in the form where it was imported. You will need to copy the form if you wish to use it across other events and invitations.

Basic and Professional users can choose fonts available in the dropdown options pre-defined by zkipster.

How to upload custom fonts on zkipster forms

When customizing your zkipster forms, choose the custom fonts section on the right hand side of the form customization menu inside the 'Composer' Tab.

Once inside, you can click, drag and drop a file or click on the box to upload a font package that you own.

Please note: zkipster only accepts the following font file formats: .ttf, .otf, .woff, .woff2, .svg, .eot.

Upon uploading your font package, you will be prompted to confirm that you own this font or have the right to use the font.

Once uploaded, your fonts will be visible in the text sections of your form available to select and use. 

Please note: Fonts can render differently due to configurations and treatment across operating systems and browsers. This means, in some cases, the fonts may appear visually different to the recipient of the form, depending on which browser and which device they are being viewed on. 

zkipster is optimized to achieve the best possible rendering across all browsers and platforms to minimize this.

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