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How To Set Up Your Response Form
How to Add Social Media Icons to the Response Form
How to Add Social Media Icons to the Response Form

Find out how to add and customize social media icons leading to your event or organization social media page

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zkipster users can add social media icons in the RSVP form leading to the event or company social media network(s). Adding social media to the form is a great way to drive your marketing initiatives and increase your event's social reach.  

Activating Social Media Links 

Professional and Enterprise users can activate the social media icons from the Social Shares Icons section available in the right side menu of the form.

Note: All sections of the form are movable and users can have the social media icons in any part of the form- top, bottom or middle. 

Once you toggle the Social Share on, the Facebook icon will appear in the form. You can add additional medias and customize the icons from the Icon Settings and Icon Format sections respectively.

Icon Settings

In this section, the user can choose the social media icons, insert links to the corresponding social networks and arrange the order.

Show on all Pages: when toggled on this section of the form will remain visible following a guest’s response submission and once the form is closed.

Setting Up the Icons 

From the drop down menu choose the social media, you would like to show and include the direct link to your network page in the URL section below.
To add additional icons, click on Add More. Drag the icons to arrange in the desired order. To delete an icon click on the minus sign next to the icon social media.

Icon Design

In this section you can customize the size, alignment, and color of the media.
Icon Color: users can choose between color (official social media icons), black or white color icons. Selection will apply to all visible social media icons.
Alignment: align the icons to the left, right or in the center of the form
Size: choose between small or big size icons
(include an example)
Margin: you can additionally set the top margin of the Social Share Section in this section.  

Additional Tips: 

  • Limit the number of links. Your footer should never be overcrowded, so adding links to 10 different social media profiles will just be excessive to recipients. 

  • Choose platform(s) relevant to your invitees and your brand

  • Include working links 

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