How to Add Video to a Form in zkipster

Learn how to add and additionally customize videos in zkipster forms.

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zkipster users can add videos to the RSVP form of the event. Video insert is available in the following sections of the form: 

  • In the form of closed section

  • In the text header section of the form 

  • In the response submission section for confirmed and declined guests (you can have separate videos for each)

  • In the text footer section of the form 

Please Note: You can attach multiple videos within the same section. 

Inserting the video

The video inserter is available in the editor menu of the section where you will be posting the video.

Once you click on the camera icon, a new prompt with three sections is where you will insert the URL of the video source and make additional settings to the video itself.


in this section, users can insert the source of the video. zkipster allows most of the video providers and hosting platforms. 


Users can use this section to paste an embedded code (if you have one). Here you can make additional settings to the video, like changing the height and the width, set the starting time for the video and etc.


This section allows user to provide URL and alternative text describing the video. Some organizations have strict security settings set in place and might prevent the video to load or play. The alternative URL will allow invitees to open the media using a different browser.

You can see a short tutorial of video embedding below:

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