Form Customisation Improvements

Version 5.70 18th June 2019

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In this release we have added some key improvements and features to RSVP forms allowing much greater customisation. Highlights of this release are:

  • Text Section: We have introduced a text section which can duplicated allowing you to have multiple text sections instead of the previous header section and footer section. 

  • Image section: We have also introduced an image section which replaces the logo section. You now have more formatting options, including image sizing and you can also duplicate the section to have multiple images on your forms

  • Social Media section: We've added a new section which allows you to link to all of your social media pages or profiles. 

  • Video embedding: We've updated the Rich Text editor so you can now embed videos in your form. 

  • Form Styling options: You can now format and style the form fields and response buttons as well as add a background image for your form. 

  • Response Field Descriptions: You can now add text to provide guidance or context to a response field on your form

  • Custom Fonts: Enterprise Customers can now upload custom fonts to use in their forms

Also included:

  • Reorderable Sections

  • Tables in text sections

  • Confirm & Decline messages now use rich text editors

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