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Device Activity & Remote Access Provisioning
Device Activity & Remote Access Provisioning

Learn how to view your devices and manage device activity.

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The Device Activity section in zkipster's Account Settings shows a list with active devices logged into your zkipster account and all inactive users (currently logged out).

Only the Account Owner and Administrators ( on Enterprise plan) can access and manage the Device Activity section. From this section, you can:

  • See your device activity history and device information like IP address, device name, model, and the zkipster app version on each device (for mobile and tablet devices).

  • Revoke Access to All or specific devices or users currently active in your zkipster account.

Please Note: The Device Activity is available with Professional and Enterprise plans. However, only the Enterprise users can revoke device access.


Device Activity and Information

The device activity section includes a list of all active and inactive devices ever logged into your account.

For detailed information of the device model and App version, click on the device you would like to view

Revoking Access

zkipster users are automatically logged out after an extended period of inactivity. Inactive users in the web account are automatically logged out after one hour of inactivity, while users on the app remain logged in up to 30 days.

To revoke access to active devices, you can use the "Revoke All" button in the upper right corner to log all active devices out.

To revoke access to a specific device, click on the device, and use the Revoke Access button in the pop-up.

Users whose access has been revoked will be prompt to re-enter their username and password to access events in the browser and the app.

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