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What integrations are possible in zkipster?
What integrations are possible in zkipster?

Find out what is possible with zkipster API and what integrations are available

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zkipster has an open API, available as part of the Enterprise Plan. You can integrate zkipster to other systems, like your CRM, to save time through automation for best practice data transfer. 

We also have some pre-built integrations some of which are available in our Professional Plan.

Turn repetitive tasks into easy automatic workflows that are more secure and more accurate. Your days wasted on trivial data management can be days invested into better events and happier guests!

What can you automate in zkipster? 

Save Time on Event Creation

  • Recreate the same types of events you run again and again or copy your recurring guest lists with ease

Transfer data securely

  • Transfer sensitive data directly between tools, without the chance for costly mistakes caused by spreadsheets or emails

  • Limit and control user access to data on a need to know basis

Maintain an accurate database

  • Reliably automate tedious data entry and syncing tasks that can be susceptible to human error

  • Remove frustration and pain points on repetitive, time consuming but necessary tasks freeing up your teams on more valuable tasks

Capture instant event updates

  • Send invitations through zkipster and map data captured in the RSVP process directly back into CRM including response status and custom information gathered

  • Track instant attendance figures in your CRM immediately after the event without the need to pull a report manually

How do I get started?

Choose which type of integration is suitable for your needs. 

Professional Integrations

Best for: Event teams who want to dip into powerful integrations without building from scratch

Connect your own data pipelines with Zapier: Set up building blocks with the popular integration platform and open up semi-custom possibilities with zkipster and 2000+ tools available.

Best for: Event teams who want an end-to-end on brand, customized guest experience for their RSVP and attendance tracking for the virtual & hybrid events.

Have a look at our case study of the Lincoln Center virtual gala to see how this could be used.

Enterprise Integrations

Best for: Event teams with minimal time or technical resources who want to benefit from automation.

Connect data with out-of-the-box integrations between zkipster and popular tools like Salesforce and Tessitura (coming soon).

zkipster Custom API

Best for: Event teams with dedicated engineering resources with complex custom needs.

Your developers can build advanced fully custom workflows with the zkipster API. Documentation is available on request from or your regional zkipster Account Manager. Account Owners, and Administrators on existing Enterprise accounts, can gain access to the API Documentation through the Account Settings.

Have a look at our case study from Christies with WeChat to see how this could be used.

If you have any questions around integrations or upgrading your account, please reach out to

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