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Billing Alerts & Account improvements
Billing Alerts & Account improvements

Version 6.0 31st August 2019

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This release has introduced billing alerts, made updates to the purchase flow and improved how you manage your account. 

  • Billing Alerts - we now provide in-app alerts and email you when you are nearing your subscription renewal date to ensure you know when to expect to be charged.

  • We introduced a separate billing address and account address allowing you to ensure the right details appear on your receipts.

  • When making a purchase it is now easier to compare your current choice to other available options making sure you are making an informed purchase decision.

  • We've introduced self-service upgrade and renewal so you can make the changes to your account you need to quicker and easier than before.

  • We've updated the billing page so that you can auto-renew to ensure there is no disruption to your events at renewal time.

  • We've added support for the Affiliate Nexus Sales Tax in the US.

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