How to Renew your Subscription Plan 

Monthly and Annual plans with zkipster are set to renew automatically at the end of their subscription period, so you do not need to take any further action if you would like continue using zkipster on your current plan:

Important: To avoid any unwanted disruption of your zkipster subscription, please make sure to keep your payment details on file up to date if your account is set to auto-renew!

How to Cancel the Subscription Auto Renewal

You can disable the auto renewal from the 'Plans & Billing' page in your Account Settings by unticking the 'Auto-Renew' checkbox next in the 'Next Billing Date' section under 'My Plan'.

Your subscription will then automatically expire at the end of your subscription period:

Please note: Any subscription account with the 'Auto-Renew' field disabled will automatically be downgraded to a Pay-per-Event account after the subscription plan has expired. Until then, account users will still be able to access all zkipster features as per normal. 

Once downgraded to a Pay-per-Event plan, users can either purchase a one-off Single Event or reactivate their subscription with zkipster. 

Reactivating or Upgrading your Subscription Plan

To restart or upgrade your subscription, simply click on 'Upgrade Plan' on the 'Plans & Billing' page which will take you straight to the payment screen:

Alternatively, you can contact your regional Client Relations team.

Canceling Single Event (Pay-per-Event) Plans

Pay-per-Event accounts with zkipster do not expire and cannot be canceled. After an event is over, it remains visible inside the account and can be accessed indefinitely for post-event reporting, guest list exporting, etc.

You can log into your Pay-per-Event account at any time to purchase and create a new Single Event with zkipster.

Any user data and billing information will also remain stored in the account.
If you wish to have your information completely removed and your zkipster account permanently deleted, please email

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