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v6.50.0 February 2020

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This release has drastically improved the design capabilities for Name Badges within zkipster. We now offer multiple badge templates allowing the user to include QR codes, Guest Images &/Or static images, like Logos, on the badges for your events. Key inclusions of this release are:

Badge Design Options

Choice of Templates

  • You are now able to choose the dimensions of their badges via the editor and select from a choice of templates to best suit their needs.

Rich Text Editor

  • You can now add static text alongside the dynamic tags using the rich text editor

Adding Images to Badges

  • You are able to add a QR Code, Guest Picture or upload an image to appear on the badge when printed

QR Code options including vCard

  • When adding a QR Code you can choose to use the zkipsterID, their own check in ID, vCard values or the advanced option for users with more specific needs. 

  • Using vCard will allow guests to scan badges using their phone to add each other as contacts whilst still allowing the QR code to be scanned by the zkipster app

  • Name, Email, Phone Number and Organization are the default values for vCard, these can be added to or removed to suit the users requirements.

Badge Printing

Desktop Badge Printing

  • You can now create a PDF of their chosen badges to print out on a desktop printer using Avery labels.

  • You have a choice of Letter Size or A4 label templates

  • The PDF file is created asynchronously and can be tracked within the badge editor. Once complete the download is available via the export log

App Badge Printing

  • Both iOS & Android have been updated to accommodate the new Name Badge Web Editor

  • When the dimensions set in the web do not match the dimensions of the label in the printer a warning is shown in the printer settings

  • The badges are printed by using the design from the web and taking an image populated with the guests data. As such even using the wrong labels a scaled image would be printed

  • When using a continuous roll the user is still able to set a custom length

Email Composer Update

QR Code Update

  • For a consistent experience and an improved user experience the setting of the QR Code value has been updated to match that in the Name Badge Editor

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