Compatible On-site Printers and Paper Options

Find out which printer and paper options are available for on-site badge printing with zkipster

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Compatible On-site Printers with zkipster

A thermal label printer is necessary to print name badges on-site. zkipster's compatible on-site badge printing devices are the Brother QL-710W, Brother QL720NW, Brother QL-810W, Brother QL-810WC, QL820NWB and QL820NWBC series printers.

Please note: The 700 series brother printers (Brother QL-710W and Brother QL720NW) has been discontinued by Brother. It is still supported to be used for name badge printing with zkipster. But we recommend that users purchase the 800 series instead (Brother QL-810W, Brother QL-810WC, Brother QL820NWB and Brother QL820NWBC).

Printer Connection Methods

All compatible printers will feature WiFi printing, while the QL820NWB and QL820NWBC will also offer Bluetooth printing to one device at a time. Both methods will be available to select from (when available) in the zkipster app.

Compatible Rechargeable Battery (Li-ion)

For Brother QL-810W, QL-810WC, QL-820NWB and QL-820NWBC label printers, the rechargeable battery pack is 14.4V 1750 mAh 26Wh and provides printing of over 2,000 labels during continuous printing on a full battery recharge. Recharge is less than 2.5 hours. 

Compatible Paper Options

The printer functions use two types of paper: adhesive or non-adhesive.

Both varieties come in the same color options: white, clear, or yellow.
Continuous rolls allow the length of the label to be customized using the zkipster app, while pre-set label sizes will be scaled directly to the size of the label when inserted into the printer.

zkipster supports the following paper types from Brother sorted by your chosen badge dimensions:

1.1" x 2.4" (29mm x 62mm)

  • DK1209 or DK-11209: 1.1 in x 2.4 in (28.9 mm x 62 mm) Small Address White Paper Labels (800 Labels)

1.1" x 3.5" (29mm x 90.3mm)

  • DK1201 or DK11201: 1.1 in x 3.5 in (29 mm x 90.3 mm) Standard Address White Paper Labels (400 labels)

1.4" x 3.5" (38mm x 90.3mm)

  • DK1208 or DK-11208: 1.4 in x 3.5 in (38 mm x 90.3 mm) Large Address White Paper Labels (400 Labels)

2.1" x 3.5" (50mm x 90.3mm)

  • DKN5224 or DKN55224: 2.1 in x 100 ft (54 mm x 30.4 m) Black on White Non-Adhesive Continuous Length Paper Tape

  • DK2223 or DK 22223: 2.0 in x 100 ft (50 mm x 30.4 m) Black on White Continuous Length Paper Tape

2.4" x 3.9" (62mm x 100mm)

  • DK4605 or DK44606: 2.4 in x 100 ft (62 mm x 30.4 m) Black on Yellow Removable Continuous Length Paper Tape

  • DK4205 or DK-44205: 2.4 in x 100 ft (62 mm x 30.4 m) Black on White Removable Continuous Length Paper Tape

  • DK2212 or DK-22212: 2.4 in x 50 ft (62 mm x 15.2 m) Black on White Continuous Length Film Tape

  • DK2205 or DK-22205: 2.4 in x 100 ft (62 mm x 30.4 m) Black on White Continuous Length Paper Tape

  • DK2113 or DK-22113: 2.4 in x 50 ft (62 mm x 15.2 m) Black on Clear Continuous Length Film Tape

  • DK1202 or DK-11202: 2.4 in x 3.9 in (62 mm x 100 mm) Shipping White Paper Labels (300 Labels)

  • DK22251: White continuous paper roll 62mm x 15.24m (with black/red print)

Pro Tip: The paper options can either be Adhesive or Non-Adhesive. Please check the labels and description of the paper prior to your purchase.

Installing the Paper

To install:

  1. Open the plastic cover

  2. Insert the roll - The larger sizes will have both sides of its plastic holder aligned with the sides of the printer. For the skinnier rolls, simply align one side of the plastic with one side of the printer. Make sure that the paper side of the roll is facing upwards.

  3. Now feed the paper through the slot

  4. Close the plastic cover

  5. Press cut

  6. The printer is ready for check-in! 

Please note: The zkipster app Printer Settings will detect what size paper is in the printer. If it doesn't detect any paper size when setting up the printer on the zkipster app, then that paper roll is most likely not compatible for use with zkipster.  

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