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Getting Started with your Zapier Integration
Getting Started with your Zapier Integration

Learn more about automating your workflows by connecting with over 2000+ other apps through Zapier

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Zapier is a web-based tool that allows users to integrate different web applications and easily automates otherwise manual tasks.

This integration is developed by Zapier and integrates with zkipster's API. Because of this we recommend reaching out to Zapier support with any issues. Zapier's integration information page for zkipster can be found here.

Zapier has named their automated, integrated tasks - Zaps! A Zap consists of a Trigger and an Action. zkipster can act as either the Trigger app — the system that initiates an action — or the Action app — the place where the end action occurs.

What Does this Mean?

You can connect zkipster to your favorite systems, tools, and platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, GoToWebinar, Slack, and Intercom, just to name a few. This allows the apps to share data between each other and automate tasks.

For example, guests can be added directly to your video-conferencing tools once they RSVP in zkipster.

Another use case would be updating profiles in your CRM system or adding them as leads if they were not already in the system.

How to Setup the Integration

Please note: The Zapier Integration is only available on Professional and Enterprise plans.

Sign up for a Zapier account and login to your account. 

Once logged in on the left hand panel choose My Apps:

Search for zkipster in the search bar: 

Once chosen a pop-up window will ask you to provide your zkipster API key:

Your API key for Zapier can be found in the Connected Accounts tab under account settings.

For Enterprise users with API access, you can also use the standard API key on Zapier as well.

Pro tip: We recommend using the Zapier API key specifically when connecting Zapier accounts.

If you do not have API access, please contact the client relations team.

Once you have entered the API key you will see the zkipster app under my connections: feel free to test and make sure it is connected as shown below. 

Now you can add other apps to your Zapier account and create your Zaps!

To get started with a Zapier Integration Template please refer to this article.

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