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How to Create Events, Guest Lists, and Guests in Salesforce
How to Create Events, Guest Lists, and Guests in Salesforce

Once your integration is set up, learn how to create events, guest list and guests when using the app

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If you would first like to learn more about the Salesforce integration, check this article.

By now you should have installed, configured, tested, and scheduled your sync. If you have not done this yet, learn how to this in the article here.

Creating Events, Guest Lists & Guests

Once the app has been installed successfully, you can now create Events, Guest Lists, and Guests in Salesforce. They will sync to zkipster and vice versa. Check with your users if they can see these options and if not, review your Salesforce permissions.

Although you can create events in Salesforce, zkipster strongly recommends that you create events in zkipster as users find this much easier.

Pro tip: If Events, Guest Lists, and Guests are not syncing in either zkipster or Salesforce, first check the zkipster Error Handler for any possible errors.

If you cannot find what you are looking for when viewing a zkipster object (Event, Guest, etc.), make sure you have switched the list view from 'Recently Viewed' to 'All'.

Please note: If you wish to delete Events, Guests Lists or Guests, you will want to delete this data from zkipster, as deletions in Salesforce will not sync to zkipster.

Creating an Event in Salesforce

  1. Open the 'zkipster Events' object in Salesforce

  2. Click on create ‘New’ event

  3. Enter the required Event information

  4. Click Save

On the next screen you can see the event details and edit, clone, or delete events. If you want to duplicate an old event, you can sync past events to Salesforce, locate the event, and then choose Duplicate.

Creating a Guest List in Salesforce

To create a Guest List in Salesforce, from the event page:

  1. Click on 'Related' and select 'New'.

  2. Enter the name of the Guest List and click 'Save' to create only one list, or 'Save & New' to create further Guest Lists

In case you want to change the event that you are creating the guestlist for, you can do this from the Event dropdown.

Please note: there is a limit of 80 characters for guest list names in the zkipster for Salesforce app. In order to be able to sync guest lists and guests, the guest list name should not exceed 80 characters in the zkipster event also.

Creating a Guest via the Guest Object

Once you have created the Guest List(s), they will show in the 'Related' tab of the Event page. Click on the name of the Guest List to access it and begin adding Guests.

Within the Guestlist page, click on 'Related' and then choose 'New' to add Guests individually completing any required fields. However, we recommend adding guests via the contact object using the 'Add to Guest List' button.

Creating a Guest via the Contact Object

We recommend that you work from the Contact Object to add individuals or groups of contacts as guests to a Guest List.

In the Contacts Object, select to view 'All Contacts' and make your selection that you want to add to the Guest List. Use the List view control and Filter option to further refine your contact list.

Click on the ‘Add to Guest List’ button to add all selected contacts to the event. You will see an events dropdown where you can select the event you are working with.

Choose the guest list you want to add the guests to and click Save.

You will receive a confirmation message once the contacts have been added successfully and the screen will return to the Contact Object.

The contacts are now guests in the zkipster Guest object. Once the app has synced the zkipster guest list will be updated with their details.

That’s it - your Salesforce and zkipster integration is now live!

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