v6.70 Zoom Integration

May 2020

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With this release we have integrated with Zoom allowing you to connect to your Zoom account and connect your event to a Zoom meeting or webinar when creating events in zkipster. You can then use zkipster's RSVP feature to build branded emails to invite and register your guests to your online event.

Full details of the integration can be found here. Summary of the integration can be found below:

Connecting your account

You can connect your account when you are creating your event or in the account settings. Once you have entered your Zoom account details you will be prompted to authorize the zkipster Zoom App, you will need to do this to be able to make use of the integration.

With your account connected you can now select the Zoom meeting or webinar, you want to use with your zkipster event.

RSVP & Zoom

With your zkipster event now linked to your Zoom meeting you can invite your guests in the normal way using zkipster's RSVP feature.

There are Zoom tags to use in your emails, we would recommend using these with the confirmation email if you are tracking the attendance at your event. Remember to use the test function to make sure you are happy with how the emails look when using the tags.

As well as providing the Zoom link via email it is added to the add to calendar file you can activate in the form confirmation settings.

The details of the Zoom meeting are added to the calendar invite so your guests can easily find the link for your online event.

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