v6.75 Zoom Integration Update

June 2020

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We've refined the Zoom integration to make it more intuitive and allow you to control the entire creation and invitation of your virtual or hybrid event from zkipster. This includes a much asked after feature allowing users to resend a confirmation email to a guest.

We've updated our support documents for Zoom with the full details of the update, they can still be found here, a summary can be found below.

Creating your Zoom Meeting or Webinar in zkipster

We have taken the integration to the next level, and now you can create your Zoom meeting/webinar at the touch of a button while creating your zkipster event, this saves you time and ensures there is no mismatch between the two events.

We've also added in an event location type giving you the flexibility of hosting your event In-Person, Virtually, or a Hybrid where you have online and in the flesh attendees.

Adding Confirmed Guests to Zoom

Once you're ready to send your invitations your guests can now be automatically added to Zoom. We will add each guests' private URL to the calendar invite and make it available to use in emails as a tag.

As no-one likes long URLs in the body of their emails we've also added the option of using tags in hyperlinks, merely type the name of the tag in place of the URL and each guest will get their own link.

Zoom Attendance Data

We now collect attendance data for webinars, so you know who has attended, when, and how long. Unfortunately, due to a Zoom restriction, we are unable to do this for meetings. You can see your guests' Zoom data in their profile in a new Zoom tab.

Just like a live event, you can get unexpected walk-ins, to help you manage these when someone joins your webinar directly in Zoom we take their details and add them to a Zoom Guest List so you can easily find then once you have finished with the main event.

Resend Confirmation Email

As mentioned above you can now resend confirmation, or decline, emails to guests by visiting the form summary.

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