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Managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Learn how to increase security and follow access management best practice with account managed MFA

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, refers to the use of more than one identity factor to authenticate a user. For example, in addition to entering a username and password, a user needs to receive an SMS to their smartphone. MFA is much more secure than relying on a password alone.

If you only use a password to authenticate a user, it leaves insecurity if the password is weak or has been exposed elsewhere. When you require a second form of authentication, security is increased as this additional factor isn't something that's easy for an attacker to obtain or duplicate.

Benefits of MFA

There are many benefits to using MFA in zkipster:

1. Improve Security: MFA compensates for the weakness of the other factors like password complexity.

2. Achieves Compliance: MFA will allow your organisation to achieve the necessary compliance requirements to mitigate audit findings and avoiding potential fines.

3. Increases Flexibility and Productivity: MFA removes the burden of passwords by replacing them with alternatives has the potential to increase productivity and bring a better user experience.

4. Simplification of Login Process: MFA actually allows companies to use more advanced login options like single sign-on (SSO) which is also available as part of the Enterprise Plan in zkipster.

What is Managed Multi-Factor Authentication?

MFA can be managed at the Account Level by the Account Owner who can enforce it centrally for all other users on the account. This provides an efficient and easy way to uphold best practice for access management in your zkipster account.

Please note: MFA is available on the user level within an account for all plans, but can only be managed and enforced at Enterprise level.

If you would like to upgrade your account to Enterprise or have any questions on Management MFA, please contact zkipster on

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