How to Create a Session

Find out how to create one or multiple sessions as part of your event in zkipster

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You can add sessions to your zkipster event to allow for a more focused guest experience. This feature comes in especially handy if you:

  • Have staggered entry times for your event guests

  • Need to group attendees into different time slots

  • Run several breakout sessions as part of your main event

Please watch the quick tutorial here:

Sessions in zkipster can either be in-person or virtual. Guests can attend multiple sessions and it is possible to run multiple sessions at the same time. There is also no limit as to how many sessions can be created within your main event. However, zkipster does not allow the creation of any sessions past the main event's end time.

If you have a strict capacity limit for certain or all of your sessions, you can further define this in your sessions settings. Please note though that defining a guest capacity is not mandatory.

Please note: zkipster has a cap of 10,000 guests per event as this is the limit we can guarantee flawless performance and a quality experience. This limit applies to Main Guests only and is the total across any guest lists inside one event (not including +1s). Adding your guests to various sessions will count towards the 10k guest limit for guaranteed best performance on the app.

The Sessions feature is only available on Professional and Enterprise plans.

Creating your Session

After you have created your main event in zkipster, you will notice a 'Sessions' tab on the left hand menu of your desktop screen inside the event:

To create a new session:

  1. Click on the 'Create Session' button on the top right

  2. Enter the name of your session

  3. Set a start date and start time. Sessions can be created within the start and end date/time of the main event

  4. Enter how long your session will run for (in minutes)

  5. Set a guest capacity, if needed (optional)

  6. Enter your location details - more details below

  7. Toggle on the 'Session check-ins linked to main event' button - more details below

  8. Decide if you want to create recurring sessions - more details below

  9. Click 'Create Sessions' button to finish the setup

In-Person vs. Virtual Sessions

You can choose whether you want your session to be in-person or virtual.

In-Person Session

If your session takes part at a physical location, simply type in the address of the event venue or meeting place:

Virtual Session

In case your session is taking place virtually, select 'Virtual' from the location dropdown:

This will give you two further options to select from:

  • Zoom

  • Other

If you are using zkipster's native Zoom integration, you can proceed to link your session to a Zoom meeting or webinar just like you would on a regular zkipster event. Specific guidelines can be found here.

Please note: Deleting a Zoom session in zkipster will not delete it from your Zoom account (the same rule applies to main events). You will need to do this separately.

If you are using a different virtual platform, you can simply copy and paste the virtual event link into the dedicated field:

Please note: If you decide to create any virtual event sessions, we recommend creating the core (main) event in the in-person format, if possible (in order to avoid confusing or creating any unnecessary virtual event links).

Session check-ins linked to main event

You can toggle the button on, if you want your guests that are checked in to that session and be automatically checked in to your main event.

Recurring Sessions

You can create a sessions series by ticking the appropriate box on the 'Create Session(s) screen, which means they will then be repeated x amount of times depending on the time interval entered.

Please note: While sessions can be created as a recurring series, they can only be edited on a standalone basis (not all at once).

How Do Recurring Sessions Work?

Any repeating session(s) will be created from the initial ‘Start Time’ set on the 'Create Sessions' screen, and continue to be repeated based on the time pattern defined in in the ‘Repeat Every’ dropdown:

The end of a session series can be defined in the 'Ends' section, either through a specific date and time selection or after a certain number of occurrences.

Examples of Recurring Sessions

The main event in zkipster runs from 18:00 to 20:00.

Example 1

  • Create session with a start time of 18:00

  • Session duration set to 30 minutes

  • Set to repeat every 15 minutes

  • Ends at 20:00

>> 8 sessions will be created starting at 18:00, 18:15, 18:30, etc. The last session
starts at 19:45

Example 2

  • Create session with a start time of 18:00

  • Session duration set to 45 minutes

  • Set to repeat every 45 minutes

  • Ends after 5 occurrences

>> Only 2 sessions will be created starting at 18:00 and 18:45

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