Once you have created your session(s) within your main event, you will see them listed via the 'Sessions' tab in the Sessions overview screen.

Sessions Overview Screen

On this screen, you can sort your sessions by Name, Start Date and Location. You will also be able to see and sort your sessions by the total number of people assigned to each session, the individual capacity limit and how many guests have so far been checked in.

Clicking on the guest icon next to a particular session takes you to the Guest Lists page filtered by the session in question. This will allow you to check who has been assigned/ RSVPed to it so far. You can further edit a session via the pencil icon or delete it altogether via the garbage can icon on the right-hand side of the Sessions listings.

Session Capacity

Setting a capacity for a session is optional and is always set at the session level:

On the Session overview page, the capacity values will display red or green depending on the total number of guests added:

  • If the guest total is equal to or below capacity, then it will show green

  • If the guest total is above capacity, then it will show red

  • If no capacity is set, then it will show up as empty

Internally as a zkipster user, it is possible to overbook a session when assigning guests via the desktop/ app. You will get a pop-up warning that you are about to go over your capacity limit when adding them via the 'Bulk Add' function (explained further below):

However, once a session is fully booked, a guest or email recipient will no longer be able to add themselves from their end (via the RSVP form).

Please note: zkipster has a cap of 10,000 guests per event as this is the limit we can guarantee flawless performance and a quality experience. This limit applies to Main Guests only and is the total across any guest lists inside one event (not including +1s). Adding your guests to sessions will count towards the 10k guest limit for guaranteed best performance on the app.

Sessions can also be overbooked via Zoom’s external registration link.

Sessions in the Guest Lists View

Sessions can also be viewed via the Guest Lists screen. To see which guest has been assigned to which session(s), turn on the 'Sessions' column via the three-bar icon and move it into the desired position:

On the guest list, you will now see which and how many sessions each guest has so far been assigned to:

If a guest has chosen or been assigned to more than one session, then you will be able to hover over their session field to reveal more details:

You can additionally filter your guest list by session via the 'Sessions' dropdown at the top of the guest list (by default, the filter will sit at 'All Sessions'):

Pro Tip: If you need to check how many people have not yet RSVPed or been assigned to any session, click on the 'None' filter to reveal all guests with no session so far!

Via the Action dropdown, you can also manually assign or remove guests to/ from sessions in bulk:

Date/ Time Changes of the Main Event with Sessions

If you need to edit the date and/ or time of your main event, a pop-up will warn you about any sessions affected by any change:

Click 'Update' to apply these changes to your session(s).

The logic of how the session date and time gets amended is as follows:

  • Any event date change (for example, from 24 November to 1 December) will apply to the session date as well. The session start time and duration will stay the same

  • If the start time of your main event moves to a later time (for example, from 10:00 to 11:00), any session that was due to start before that will now also start at the revised start time

  • If the end time of your main event gets pushed up, any session that was originally due to end later than that will now also be given a new start time to accommodate the revised end time
    For example: If your 60 minute session was due to start at 16:00 (finishing at 17:00) and the end time of your main event has been changed from 17:00 to 16:30, the new start time of your session will now also be 15:30

Please note: No zkipster emails will be sent or triggered automatically if dates change. (Note that if Zoom dates are updated, alert emails might get sent directly from the Zoom account - please check your Zoom settings for this.)

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