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Sessions and Capacity Management

Version 7.20 17 November 2020

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In this exciting release, we introduce a brand new event level sessions feature on all platforms - available to all users on Professional and Enterprise plans.

The feature allows for virtual or in-person session creation and management, enabling users to create and organize breakout sessions as part of a main event in zkipster for a more focused guest experience. Virtual sessions can be connected to a Zoom meeting or webinar via zkipster's native Zoom integration.

This update further allows users to set a guest capacity for individual sessions (non-mandatory), in order to limit attendance numbers where needed and keep track of the headcount per session.

In detail, this release now empowers users to:

  • Create, edit and delete sessions

  • Invite and assign guests to sessions

  • Check guests into sessions

  • Report on sessions attendance

Create, Edit and Delete Sessions

Create one or multiple sessions as part of a main event via the new 'Sessions' tab on the left-hand event navigation:

Define a name and set a start time, duration as well as a guest capacity for each session. The session location can either be a physical location or virtual (via Zoom integration or another virtual event link):

See an overview and individual capacity limits (green means equal or below capacity, red means above capacity) of all sessions:

Invite and Assign Guests to Sessions

zkipster Forms and Confirmation Emails

Allow your guests to RSVP to one or multiple event sessions by adding a dedicated Sessions section to the response fields of your form (any sessions that are already full will not be selectable):

Send confirmation emails with full session details to your guests: session name, location, date & time, and an 'Add to Calendar' function:

In case a session is virtual, the ‘Session Location’ link redirects to join the session.

Manually Assign Guests to Sessions

Guests can also be manually assigned to one or multiple sessions via the 'Action' dropdown on the Guest Lists view or via their own guest profile under the 'Sessions' tab:

Attendees can further be viewed and filtered by session on the Guest Lists view:

Guest Check-in for Sessions via the App

Any sessions created inside the event are listed below the guest list(s) on the zkipster app, including the start time, duration, confirmed guest count and capacity:

Guests can be checked in to a Session independently from the main event check-in on both the iOS and Android app. Attendees can also still be removed and added to one/ multiple sessions.

Both of this is done via the Guest Detail:

Sessions Attendance Reporting

View and report on your session attendance data in zkipster's Reporting and Export functions.

A new 'Session' tab inside the Reports feature allows data to be shown and compared between sessions - including individual breakdowns on Total Guests Checked, In-Person/ Virtual Guests and Total Guests Added:

Session Check-in has additionally been added as a viewing option to the event timeline graph for a detailed, in-depth breakdown:

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