Custom Domains

Version 7.35 21 January 2021

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This release allows Enterprise users to verify their own domains for RSVP and Share-a-table links.
Users can add a custom domain to their zkipster account for a complete on-brand experience when sending online invitations or using the Seating feature to share table arrangements.

Custom Domains

  • Add and verify your own domain in zkipster via the Account Settings (for example '', etc.)

  • Set a default domain to be used for Invitations and Table Sharing on an account level

Please note that only Enterprise users will be able to set up and select which custom (or predefined) domain they wish to use for response forms and Share a Table links.

Professional users will only be able to select from the two predefined domains:

Essentials, Partners and Test Drive users will not be able to access the feature.

Response Forms

  • Select a custom (or predefined) domain for RSVP form links

  • Define a unique URL extension specifically tailored to the event

Share a Table

  • Set a (custom) default domain for table sharing links


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