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How to Schedule your Email and SMS/ WhatsApp Campaigns
How to Schedule your Email and SMS/ WhatsApp Campaigns

Find out how message scheduling works in zkipster's Communications feature

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Once you have composed and designed your email and SMS/ WhatsApp message(s) in zkipster, you can choose whether you would like to send it to your guests right away or schedule to send your campaign(s) at a later date and time of your choosing.

Scheduling your Campaign via the Review Screen

Once you have reached the 'Review' page of your campaign and ticked the confirmation box, you will be given two options via the 'Send' button:

  • 'Send Now' - Your campaign will be sent right away

  • 'Schedule Send' - Send the campaign at your chosen date/ time

Select the 'Schedule Send' tab to be taken to the campaign scheduler and select when you would like it to go out:

Click on the 'Schedule' button to finalize your date and time selection. Make sure to click on 'Save and Close' to successfully schedule your campaign.

Please note: The time zone you have selected in the 'Event Settings' when you first created your event will also be the chosen time zone for the campaign scheduler. The time zone for campaign scheduling cannot be edited. (You can, however, of course still edit your chosen event time zone via 'Event Settings' > 'Edit Event')

Where to Find and Further Edit the Time of your Scheduled Campaign

All your scheduled campaigns can be found under the 'Scheduled' tab (as well as the main Communications overview screen):

If you need to further amend the scheduled time your campaign was due to go out, simply click back into it, scroll down to the scheduling section of the 'Review' screen and click on the pencil icon:

Should you need to cancel the scheduled send altogether, just click on the 'Cancel Schedule' button:

You can continue to edit your campaign following the cancellation or set a new scheduled date and time as needed. Any scheduled campaigns will be automatically moved to the 'Sent' folder once they have gone out to your guests.

Please note: If your campaign includes both Email and SMS/ WhatsApp, the email and text messages will be scheduled to go out together at the same time. It is not possible to schedule just one part of the campaign if you are sending both type of messages.

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