Salesforce app Version 1.7

Salesforce Version 1.7 (Spring 21 release)

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This new zkipster to Salesforce app improves the data flow between zkipster and Salesforce and adds some key improvements to functionality.

Key highlights

  • Create events, guest lists and guests in Salesforce that sync into zkipster

  • Create events, guest lists and guests from zkipster that sync into Salesforce

  • Map guest details from your event activities back to your Salesforce Contacts

  • Block any edits or deletions for events, guest lists and guests in Salesforce to protect your zkipster data

  • We've made it easier to keep the integrity of your 'Contact' object data by only 'reading' the data into a bi-directional sync between 'zkipster guest' in Salesforce and the zkipster product.

  • Make quick and easy additions to guest lists with the custom 'Add to Guest List' button that can be added to a Contact Profile, the Contacts View or Campaigns

  • Add 'zkipster guest' as a Related List in your Contact Profile Page Layout to immediately see which events your Contacts have been invited to, confirmed and checked into

  • Rely on the automated batch overnight sync scheduler as well as the ability to manually sync whenever needed

  • There are now 3 new standard zkipster Reports included in the app:

Events, Guest Lists, Guests Overview

Report cross-event overviews of guests, guest lists and activities inside Salesforce.

Guest Mismatch Tracker

Easily spot which guests changed key details and characteristics that are different to what you have on record, to be able to action changes as needed.

Orphan Guests

Any guests that are walk ins on the event door, or do not reconcile back to a Contact in Salesforce can be easily tracked here to take action.


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