zkipster created templates for your online invitations to ensure the highest email deliverability possible.

Watch the template overview:

How to Get to the Templates Overview Screen

Click on the 'Create Invitation' button on the top right of your Invitations main page to be taken to the invitation templates overview screen:

Once you are on the template page you will see that there are different options available in zkipster, depending on your specific event requirements:

Find out more about each template option below that would work best for you.

Template Options

Email and Responses Form

The Email and Responses Form template allows you to create a custom online invitation with a response form automatically attached in order to collect relevant guest information ahead of your event.

Your guests will be able to click on the RSVP button on the email part, which will lead them to the web-based response form. On the form, they can confirm and fill out any missing guest details before submitting their response.

Please note: The Email and Response Form template works as a fixed set, however, you have the ability to separate the email from the response form if you duplicate either one of the two without the other, as needed. Find out more here.

Standalone Email

Choose the Standalone Email template if you would like to send an email on its own, with no response form automatically attached. This template works well for an initial Save The Date announcement, a quick date reminder a few days before, or a thank you note following your event.

You can also manually link your standalone email to an external website, or even to a standalone zkipster response form, via the 'Button' tab on the email composer (the button is turned off by default on standalone emails but can be switched on if needed).

Pro Tip: If you link a standalone email to a standalone form in order to create an 'artificial' email and response form set, it will behave the same way as the standard Email and Responses Form template. Find out how to link your form with your standalone email here.

You might prefer setting up your RSVP invitation in that way, in case you would like to:

  • Send the email part in different languages but have your all responses go through the same response form

  • Tailor the email text of your invitation to different guest segments (VIPs, Sponsors, Partners, Clients, etc.) but, again, have everyone RSVP via the same form

Responses Form

The standalone Responses Form option by itself is typically used to create a public form, either for use with an outside email client (for a mail merge) or on a separate event web page in order to collect RSVPs of guests that are currently not on your existing guest list in zkipster.

Check out this article for more information on the difference between private vs. public response forms and the different use cases for it. As mentioned above, you can also use this standalone response form option to manually link it to a standalone email.

Please note: Use this option if you are working with a custom HTML email in order to collect your guests' RSVPs - more details below.


If you would like to go completely off the grid and upload your own custom HTML file for your zkipster invitation, then choose the 'HTML' option from the template overview.

We suggest creating a HTML invitation if you are looking for further customization beyond the provided email templates. More instructions on what is needed from zkipster's end in order to set this up can be found here.

Please note: Creating and sending HTML emails requires a technical understanding of HTML code so if you are unsure, please involve your technical staff or design team.
zkipster does not support the building of HTML code in any way. If you lack the skills to fully understand HTML and do not have anyone in your team with that knowledge, zkipster strongly encourages the use the predefined email templates.

Account Level Templates on Enterprise

On the Enterprise plan level, users additionally have the option to set up pre-designed account templates via the Account Settings which will then pull through on the Invitations Overview screen of each event.

You can find out more about Account Level Templates on Enterprise here.

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