Sessions v2

Version 7.80 June 2021

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This release introduces some further improvements in zkipster's Sessions & Capacity Management feature.

In detail, this update adds the following capabilities:

+1 Support for Sessions

A main guest's plus one will be displayed and can also be checked in to sessions, meaning any main guest's +1s will also count towards a respective session's guest capacity:

Sessions Check-in Linked to Main Event

When creating or editing a session, users can select if guests that are checked in to that session should also be checked in to the main event:

Sessions Guest View

Allowing users to see session participants with their session status and check-in screen on a Sessions Detail page:

RSVP Invitations for Session Participants

Option to target guests assigned to (a) specific session/ sessions of that event in zkipster's Invitations feature via the new 'Sessions' Send To function:

Session Display Improvements on Response Forms

New options for the Sessions view and sort order on response forms:

  • Choice of checkbox or list view

  • Different sort and date display options

Sessions on the zkipster App

Improved Sessions overview on the app's event page:

Sessions check-in to support +1s:

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