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Drag & Drop to Seat Guests on your Floorplan
Drag & Drop to Seat Guests on your Floorplan

This new functionality makes it easier for users to seat guests and swap guests' seats

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zkipster is excited to announce the new Drag & Drop functionality on the Seating feature. The release allows users to manually seat guests on the floorplan by simply dragging and dropping them from the guest list to the seat.

Swapping guests' seats can also be performed by dragging the guest from their seat and dropping them on top of the desired seat.

The guest that was previously assigned to that seat will be relocated to the seat where you are removing the other guest from:

If you try to seat a guest and their +1s on a table with not enough seats for the entire party, the system will highlight the seat with a red colour and a message will be displayed asking users to choose a place with enough empty seats for the entire party:

Please note: the Drag & Drop function is only available on the desktop version of zkipster. On the zkipster Mobile App, users can manually seat guests by selecting them from the guest list and tapping on top of the empty seat.

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