WhatsApp Consent Requirements
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WhatsApp is an application owned by Meta and in order for businesses to use their services to message recipients, it is their requirement that the business has to gain consent from the recipient confirming they want to receive the message.

This means that if you create a Campaign using the zkipster Communications feature, available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels, with the intention to send messages to your guests via WhatsApp, your guest needs to provide their consent allowing zkipster to send them your message on your behalf.

The consent message has been pre-approved by WhatsApp and it cannot be edited:
"Hi [Guest Name],
zkipster is sending you an invitation/communication regarding [Event Name], on behalf of the event host.
Do you agree to receive this information via WhatsApp?
- Yes
- No

If your guest press the 'Yes' button, confirming they agree to receive the message, your message will be sent to the guest.
If your guest press the 'No' button, WhatsApp will not sent your message to your guest.

Both the decline and the consent are valid for 24 hours, meaning that if you try sending your guest a WhatsApp message after 24 hours they will be required again to accept or decline to receive the message.

Please note: the consent message delivery deducts 1 credit from your account and the delivery of the actual message after the guest press 'Yes' deducts another 1 credit.

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