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How to Set up Decline Email and/or SMS/WhatsApp
How to Set up Decline Email and/or SMS/WhatsApp

Find out how to set up an automatic email and/or SMS/WhatsApp message to send to guests who decline your event invitation

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Customize Decline Messages for Guests in zkipster

Though completely optional, setting up a "decline" message is very easy to set up and completely customizable just like your invitation campaigns. If you would like to set up 'confirm' messages for all your confirmed guests, you can find further instructions on this confirm messages setup article.​

Turning on the "decline" message feature

To add a "decline" message simply click on add confirmation.

To remove a "decline' message, simply hover over it and click on the trash can icon in the top right corner of that specific message.

The "decline" message allows for the same customization as the your messaging campaigns and "confirm" messages.

​For "decline" emails, you can choose to build one in zkipster or choose to upload an HTML file for a fully customized message.

For SMS/WhatsApp "decline" messages, the same customization applies as any campaign message or "confirm" message.

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