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How to Set up Confirmation Email and/or SMS/WhatsApp
How to Set up Confirmation Email and/or SMS/WhatsApp

zkipster's Communications feature allows you to send automatic email and/or SMS/WhatsApp messages to confirmed guests upon form submission

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The "confirm" email or SMS/WhatsApp is a great place to include additional information about your event, start a conversation with all your confirmed guests, ask them to e-sign a consent form or even distribute QR codes for your event check-in!

It is very easy to set up and completely customizable just like your invitation campaigns. If you would like to set up an additional "decline" messages for all your declined guests, you can find further instructions on this here.

Turning on the "confirm" message feature

A "confirm" email is automatically added by default when you create a form. It is also automatically added when you create a new Consent Form.

You can also add SMS/WhatsApp message in this section of the panel.

If you would rather your guests not receive an auto-response immediately after they have RSVPed, you can remove any "confirm" messages set up on the left hand panel when inside your form.

To remove a "confirm' message, simply hover over it and click on the trash can icon in the top right corner of that specific message.

To add a "confirm" message simply click on add confirmation.

Setting up a "confirm" Email

For "confirm" emails, you can choose to build one in zkipster or choose to upload an HTML file for a fully customized message.

When choosing to build an email in zkispter, the composer works in exactly the same way as it does for any email campaigns. You can see in-depth details on the Email Settings here. However, you can find a quick rundown of the sections below as well.

Email Subject Line

This is the first line your guest sees when receiving the email. It is a great place to reiterate your event name, express gratitude and confirm your guests' attendance.

Preview Text

Add a preview text line - this will not display on the email itself but is included at the very beginning so that email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) display it right after the subject line on your recipient's email preview screen.

From Name

This can be your name, the sponsor of the event, the name of your event, or any other information that you see fit.

Reply to Email

This is the email address that will receive any direct replies or questions if a guest were to click on 'Reply' to this email.

Sender Email

This is the email address your email will be sent from. In order to send it from your own address you must verify it first, which is a process called 'whitelabeling'. If you haven't yet whitelabled your domain and verified your email address, you can do so in the Domain Setup section inside the Account Settings of your zkipster account. This article walks you through the process.

Sending a "confirm" email to secondary guests

You can also send a "confirm" email to any secondary or BCC email addresses in the Confirmation Email settings on the right hand panel .

Sending "confirm" Emails to Related Guests

If you are allowing guests to RSVP on behalf of their related guests, you can decide if a confirmation email will be sent only to the related guest, or to both guests.

For example, if John Doe RSVPs on behalf of Jane Doe, you can define if only Jane will receive the confirmation email, or if both Jane and John will receive the confirmation email for Jane’s RSVP.

If you want the confirmation email to be sent to both guests, open the confirmation email settings and tick this checkbox that says ‘If a guest submits a form on behalf of a related guest then send confirmation email to both guests’.

If the checkbox is left unticked, only the related guest will receive the confirmation email once the main guest submits the RSVP on their behalf.

zkipster Watermark

Switch off the zkipster watermark by switching the toggle to OFF, if you prefer to not include it on your Auto Confirmation Email.

Customizing Your Email Content

You can design and customize the content of your decline Email just like you are able to with your main invitation email. Please see further details on the different design sections below, or have a look at this article here for in-depth information.


Customize the two background sections of your Confirmation Email. As with the any other email campaigns, you can use your own HEX color codes by pasting them into the sections and/ or upload a background image.

Plain Text Version

Turning this option on enables you to send a stripped down HTML version of the confirmation text to be sent to guests who have strong firewalls on their email servers.


Include your company logo as well as a memorable image or program flyer for your event in JPG, PNG or GIF format (file limit 5MB, file will be displayed at 570px max.).


You can include a customized message to all attending guests. You can:

  • Use Dynamic Tags to personalize the Confirmation Email for each guest, and include additional details, such as table name, seat number, or any other relevant information.

  • Add hyperlinks to your website or event landing page to provide your guests with further details.

  • Insert consent form tags if you require yours guests to fill out a consent form after they RSVPed. If you want to learn more about how to set up consent forms in your event read the article linked here.

  • Add Zoom's dynamic tags to insert event information directly from Zoom into your zkipster email. More information in this article.

Add to Calendar

You can prompt guests to add the main event details to their personal calendars (Apple, Google, Outlook, Yahoo) so that they can save them in their diary.

QR Code

You have the option to add a QR code to your Confirmation Email which you can use for your event check-in! Find out how QR codes work in zkipster in more detail here.


Confirm any breakout session details with your guest, including a separate 'Add to Calendar' function exclusively for this feature. Find out more here.


The button will lead your guests back to the original response form in case they want to change their response, or make any last minute changes. You can choose to keep it as of the Auto Confirmation Email, or toggle it off altogether.

Social Share Icons

You can add social media icons to your email which will lead guests to your event or company social media pages.

Setting up a "confirm" SMS/WhatsApp message

When choosing to build an SMS/WhatsApp message in zkispter, the composer works in exactly the same way as it does for any SMS/WhatsApp campaigns. You can see in-depth details on the Email Settings here. However, you can find a quick rundown of the sections below as well.

Enabling WhatsApp Message

By default, when you choose "confirm" includes SMS/WhatsApp, only the SMS text message is enabled. If you want to also send your guests a message via WhatsApp, turn the 'WhatsApp' toggle ON from the top right of the screen.

Keep in mind that enabling WhatsApp does not mean the guest will receive both an SMS text message and a WhatsApp text message.

When the WhatsApp option is enabled, if your guest's phone number is registered with WhatsApp, they will only receive the WhatsApp message.

If the guest's phone number is not registered with WhatsApp, by default the guest will not receive a message.

But you can choose to send guests that are not registered with WhatsApp a SMS message instead by opening the 'Settings' tab and selecting the option 'If phone number is not registered with WhatsApp send regular SMS':

Customizing the Text of your SMS/WhatsApp Message

Use the 'Composer' tab from the right side of the screen to customize the text of your message.

From the text box, include dynamic tags to personalize your message. Differently from the Email, where it is possible to add a RSVP Button that directs your guests to the Response Form, on the SMS/WhatsApp message you need to include the form tags on the text body. The tags will be delivered as links to your guests, directing them to Response Forms or the Consent Form.

The :campaign_linked_form_url links the form that is part of that campaign, but from the 'Form Tags' dropdown menu you can also include links to forms that are not part of that specific campaign:

Please note: Below the text box, you can see the approximate number of characters in your message. One SMS text message can have up to 160 characters - more characters would require that your text is sent in 2 separate messages when sending via SMS and every 1 message consumes 1 credit from your account. Please check this article here for more information on how credits are used when sending SMS and WhatsApp messages.

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