Value Added Tax (VAT) for European Clients

More information on zkipster's VAT policy for European Business Customers

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Value Added Tax (VAT) Number of our European Business Customers

Clients registered as a business in the European Union are encouraged to update the Value Added Tax (VAT) number under the 'Plans and Billing' section of the Account Settings in the web account. To comply with EU tax regulations, zkipster is obliged to charge clients with their billing country's VAT rate if no such number is added. The regulator is using the ID to differentiate between individuals and businesses. Since Norway is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), the same guidelines apply for Norwegian entities.

What should you do?

Please check with your accounting department prior to your next purchase or renewal date about receiving the VAT number of your organization. You can then simply update the number in your account under your Plan & Billing section to avoid any local VAT charge in the future.

What to do if you are a Swiss Company?

If you are a Swiss entity, you are also required to include the VAT number within your account in order to make the bill compliant. The difference is that we are still required to charge the VAT (Vorsteuer) amount on top of the listed price, which you can claim back during your next quarterly return.

What do you do if you cannot get your hands on the VAT Number on time before renewal?

Your accounting department will be able to claim back the refund during the next quarterly VAT return, just keep the receipt or pull the receipt from your payment history in the Plans & Billing section of your account.

What do you do if you are a Non-profit organization?

If you are a Non-profit organization, refer to our help article here to find out how this impacts you.

Please contact should any questions remain.

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