Navigating the Plans & Billing Section

Inside the 'Plans & Billing' section of the Account Settings on your zkipster account you can find:

  • The zkipster plan you are currently on
  • The next billing date, in case you are on a subscription plan with zkipster
  • An overview of your payment method, billing address and VAT number on file
  • All past receipts on purchases made with zkipster

My Plan Section

In this section, you will find the zkipster plan, you are currently on and your next billing date. Here you can upgrade your current plan or choose to opt-out from Auto-renewal via the Auto- Renew button.

Payment Information Section

In the payment section, you will find an overview of your payment method, billing address, and VAT number on file (if applicable). Via this section, you can update the Credit Card on file and Billing address associated with it.

How to Download Past Purchase Receipts

After every transaction, the Account Owner of the zkipster account will receive an automated email notification with the purchase receipt attached.

Those receipts are also stored inside your account in the Billing History part of the Plans & Billing page. You are able to download each receipt as a PDF by clicking on the following Download icon next to it:

The 'Plans & Billing' section is only accessible to the Account Owner of the zkipster account, plus any Administrator users on Enterprise plans.

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