FAQs on zkipster Trial Accounts

Commonly asked questions around zkipster's test accounts

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Q: How do I sign up for an account with zkipster?

A: The best way to sign up with zkipster is to create a Free Account. This link will enable you to create a free zkipster account.

Q: What does the Free Trial Account entail?

A: The free account enables you to test all of zkipster's features to help decide which plan would be the right fit for your event needs.

Some things to note:

  • It is only possible to upload up to 25 guests in the free event

  • Set the date of the free event to the start date of the actual event this may be potentially used for. There is no restriction on logging in before an event in zkipster.

Q: Can I test all of zkipster's features with a Trial Account?

A: Yes, it is possible to test all Professional features, namely Invitations, Seating, Name Badge Printing and Custom Check-in Messages.

Feel free to upload a guest list (please keep in mind the 25 guest limit) and start testing by sending invitations or setting up a floor plan to see how the Professional features can be utilized for an event!

Q: Can I verify my domain and email address for sending invitations?

A: Yes, you are able to do this via the Domain Setup section inside the Account Settings. Please remember this is a very technical step, this article can provide more information on how and why this is important, if needed.

Please also note that email deliverability will greatly increase for your zkipster invitations after verifying your domain and email addresses for your account.

Q: Does zkipster offer any training or tutorials?

A: Absolutely! zkipster has put together an entire Help Center with helpful articles and tutorial videos to help get you started.

We also provide on-demand webinars that go over over how to get started with zkipster, create custom online invitations and set up dynamic seating in zkipster. You can watch them anytime via this link.

There is also the online chat, which is available to all zkipster accounts located at the bottom right of the screen on both browser and web. Reach out to our Support team if any questions or issues arise.

Custom onboardings and trainings are available on some subscription plans. More on this here.

Q: Can I add additional team members to my Free Trial Account?

A: Yes, you can have up to 5 team members on your test account. To add an additional user go to the Team Members section inside the Account Settings. Please find more information on the specific steps and different user roles in this article here.

Q: How do I delete my free account?

A: If you would like to delete your Free Account with zkipster, please email your request directly to support@zkipster.com. Please see our website for further information on zkipster's Privacy Policy and GDPR.

Q: How do I upgrade my Free Account to a paid account?

A: Once you are ready to upgrade your Free Account to a paid account after testing, click 'Upgrade Plan' at the top of your zkipster account screen.

From there, select the plan you would like to upgrade to, input the account information and start working on your paid event(s)!

Important: Please note that zkipster is a self-service software which enables you to purchase and set everything up within the event yourself. If you are interested in a subscription please reach out to zkipster's Client Relations team at sales@zkipster.com

Q: How do I know if a subscription is right for me?

A: If you are not sure what the monthly and annual subscriptions entail, or need further details on the plans available, then please reach out to sales@zkipster.com for more information.

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about signing up for a subscription with zkipster:

  • Are you running more than 8 events in a year?

  • Are you running multiple events over a short span of time?

  • Do you need to add more team members to your account?

  • Do you need to go through a security review?

If you have any further questions on signing up with zkipster please get in touch with your regional zkipster Client Relations team!

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