Accounting for Additional Guests on the Form

Find how to determine the maximum party size a guest can RSVP on the response form

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The Total Guests Response Field on the form is determined by the Total Guests column on the excel before importing a guest list.

How to account for Additional Guests on the Excel file

Make sure to account for all guests (i.e. Main Guests and their +1s) with a 'Total Guests' column on the guest list excel.  

Please note: ‘Total Guests’ is not the number of additional guests coming with the main guest, it is the total number of guests including the Main Guest.

To ensure an accurate guest count the Total Guests logic is as follows =

No RSVP =  0 Total Guests
(This is to account for anyone not expected to come and won't count them toward total guest count. Choose NO RSVP after importing when it asks you to assign a default value)

Main Guest Only  =   1 Total Guests
Main Guest + 1  =      2 Total Guests
Main Guest + 2 =      3 Total Guests

These numbers are what should be placed in the 'Total Guests' column on the excel spreadsheet for each guest. It should look like the below example:

How to Account for Additional Guests on the Form

Once the Total Guests values have been determined, turn the Total Guests response field to ON inside the Response Fields section on your Form Builder:

Pro Tip: Feel free to edit the Display Name and Description Text to make it clear to your guests that they need to RSVP for their entire party size:

Turning on the 'Total Guests' field will consequently provide your Main Guest with a dropdown on the response form, asking them how many people they will be RSVPing for on the whole (i.e. including themselves):

For example: If a guest was attributed a '3' in the Total Guests column, the dropdown on the form will ask them whether they are RSVPing for

1 = Main Guest Only
2 = Main Guest + 1
3 = Main Guest + 2

If you are using the ‘Relationships’ feature for your event. Add the 'External ID' field and the 'Relationships' field. These fields are required to relate your guests when you upload your spreadsheet:

Please note that ‘Relationships’ is used to relate guests to each other and does not count as an additional guest. You can learn more about our ‘Relationships’ feature here.

We always recommend sending a real test email to an internal test guest list before mass sending the final invitation to your event guests in order to check exactly how the entire process from receiving the invitation email to filling out and submitting the form would look and feel for guests.

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