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Guest Relationships in zkipster
Guest Relationships in zkipster

Find out how you can use zkipster's Relationships feature to further enhance your events

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The Relationships feature maximizes the effectiveness of your guest list by allowing you to define relationships between guests that are part of the same event.

In summary, the Relationships feature enables you to:

You can find out more about the most common use cases for the Guest Relationships feature by clicking here.

Creating Guest Relationships

The first thing you will need to do to get the most out of the Guest Relationships feature in zkipster is to create the respective relationships in your guest list.

There are three different ways that you can do this:

To speed up the process, you can use the guest fields 'External ID' and 'Relationships' in order to define the relationships directly on your guest list spreadsheet to quickly upload them into zkipster:

Send Invitations to Related Guests

After you correctly set up your guest relationships, users on the Professional and Enterprise plans can send invitations to guests and choose to send the same invitation to any of their related guests that are part of the same event, independently from their guest list and guest status.

For example, you can send your invitation to your VIP guest list and choose to send the same email to related guests you defined as being their 'Personal Assistant':

Form Landing Page and Form Success Page

On top of the RSVP Form, you can set up and design a Form Landing Page and a Form Success Page.

Both the RSVP Form Landing Page and the Success Page will be accessible via the invitation you send to your guests using zkipster's Invitation templates.

Learn more:

Allow Guests to RSVP on Behalf of Others

Guests submitting RSVPs on behalf of other guests will be able to do so via the same RSVP Form:

Please note: Guests will only be able to RSVP on behalf of others if you configure your form settings to allow so. If you do not enable this feature on your form, guests will only be able to RSVP for themselves.

Pro Tip: If you are using the Relationships feature and also will consider using the Seating feature. Please note that the relationships between guests will also reflect in the seating map. For more information, please visit the article here.

You can also add a Guest Relationship directly via the mobile app. You can learn more via this article.

Check-in Related Guests via Main Guest Profile

When using the zkipster mobile app to check in guests that have relationships defined, you are able to view and check in related guests via the main guest detail.

Click into the circle icon on top of the main guest check-in button to view their related guests:

You can then click into the gold 'Check-In' button on the right side of the relate guest's name to check in that guest.

Please note: You will still be able to allocate +1s to your guests without the need to create a Guest Profile for each of the additional guests and define a relationship status. Click here to view how to account for +1s on your guest list.

View Guest Relationships on the Seating Plan

Seating with Relationships allows event planners to view the relationship between guests in the Seating Map.

After you have created your seating map, assigned seats and related guests to each other, you will also see a ‘Relationships button' on the seating map under the 'Guest Seating' section.

When you click the relationship button, you will see a list of related guests underneath the main guest. The main guest and their related guests will be highlighted in the Seating Map and the Main Guest selected will have a green color border.

On the 'Overview and Printing' section, tick the 'Relationship' checkbox on the left hand side menu to trace lines between related guests on your seating plan by:

  • Table

  • Guest List

  • Guest

  • Relationship

Learn more details on how to view guest relationships on the seating plan via the desktop and via the zkipster mobile app by clicking here.

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