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How to Change the Account Owner of your zkipster Account
How to Change the Account Owner of your zkipster Account

How to change the Account Owner of your zkipster account

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zkipster provides you with the flexibility to edit or change the Account Owner credentials.

This also means that account ownership can be transferred to a different member of your team altogether, should the current Account Owner leave the organization, for instance, and need to hand over ownership of the zkipster account to a successor.

Any changes concerning the username, email address and/ or other contact information can be managed from inside the user profile section of your zkipster account. Please note that only the Account Owner of the zkipster account has access to their profile section.

You can easily transfer the Account Ownership to a user in your account by clicking the 'Transfer Account Ownership' via the Profile Overview:

It will open a pop up window where you can select the user you wish to transfer the account and make sure to check the box that you understand the changes then click the 'Transfer Account' button:

Please note: The Essentials and Professional plan users only has one Admin Access which is the Account Owner. Transferring the Account Ownership will downgrade the previous owner to an Events Creator Access. You can check this article for the different Permission Scheme Access in zkipster.

How to Change the Account Owner Details

To change details on the Account Owner profile, or transfer account ownership to a different person altogether, please follow the steps below:

1. From the top right corner of your screen, open the drop-down menu under the account initials and select 'Edit Profile'. It will then automatically take you to the Account Owner profile.

2. Inside the profile screen shows the Profile Overview section where you will see the username, email address, as well as first and last name associated with the user account.

3. Enter the new username and contact information.

4. Define a new password for this user account if needed, check the box next to 'Change Password', and set the new password accordingly.

5. Click on 'Save Changes' to save the information.

How to Request for an Account Owner Change

If you do not have access to the Account Owner's email, you can send an email to and formally request the Account Owner change - stating the name of the former Account Owner, your name and your company's name.

Once we have verified some information, we will send an email confirmation about the change and further steps on how you can access the former Account Owner's zkipster account.

Please note:

  • If you need to view past event information (i.e guest details etc.) and the account is inactive. You can still download the event report by going to the 'Data Export' section via the 'Account Settings'. You can learn more here.

  • If you need to manage, add users to the account and events, delete users and learn more about the different user roles and access. Please check the articles listed here.

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